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Investment plans submitted for Pécs-Pogány Airport

We are glad to announce that we have submitted our investment plans to the open tender for the designated area of Pécs-Pogány Airport. In the near past Fusion 212 has received the Special Airworthiness Certificate in S-LSA Category. This, and the continuously growing interest for fusion 212 from all over the globe requires serial production to be started. The airport would provide us to be more reachable, and give us good opportunities for further research and development. We hope our dream will become reality!


We are proud to announce, that Fusion 212 has received the Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) Category Airworthiness Certification from the Federal Administration Association (FAA)!


With this, we are now able to supply most countries on the globe with Fusion 212, our innovative two-seater, fully-composite sport and training aircraft. The introduction of the automotive fuel-powered Magnus Fusion 212 marks the beginning of a new chapter in aviation. The composite fuselage, parallel seating arrangement, aerobatic capabilities, and inexpensive operation are qualities that together have never been seen in an aircraft.