FUSION UL - Magnus Aircraft Zrt. - Presidential visit at Magnus Aircraft Africa

Presidential visit at Magnus Aircraft Africa

January 19th, 2022

It is a great honour and pleasure for us that the President of Hungary, János Áder, his wife and his delegation visited the team of our subsidiary - Magnus Aircraft Africa - at the training facility in Nairobi, where they are already training the future pilots of the African continent with the Hungarian aircraft company's Fusion aircraft. Africa is a key market for Magnus Aircraft, with huge potential in civil, commercial and defense aviation. The company’s aircraft are already present in several countries on the continent, such as Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania. Fusion aircrafts are of particular interest to African countries because they have one of the lowest operating costs in the world in their category. The composite body is much lighter than conventional aluminum structures, and Fusion aircraft require a short runway, so they can be deployed almost anywhere. In Africa, a number of specific uses can be identified, such as border protection, protection of wildlife reserves, surveillance and protection of seaports, where these capabilities are essential for an aircraft to perform its function ideally.