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What is Business?

Fusion Business is the most stunning machine you have ever encountered. It offers a fusion of comfort, safety and reliability, being designed to suit your needs for any commercial activity.

With its up to +6/-3 G limit load capacity, advanced safety features, symmetrical wing profile, and side-by-side seating, Fusion Business is perfect for emergency situation training.
An optional add-on for your Fusion allows easy attachment of a glider, so that with the combination of training and towing add-ons, your multipurpose aircraft can be utilized for maximum efficiency.
The possibility of having a duplicated avionics and navigation system ensures the most efficient way of teaching, while you also enjoy the comfort and security the aircraft has to offer.

Max Baggage Weight

Max take-off Weight

20 kg/45 lbs

472,5 kg / 992 lb or 600 kg / 1323 lb




Rotax / ULPower

912 IS, ULS / 260- 350 iSA

100hp – 107 hp




Cabin Width

8,33 m / 27.3 ft

6,62 m / 21.7 ft

2,05 m / 6.9 ft

1,17 m / 3.84 ft


Climb Rate

Max operating Altitude

Stall Speed with Flaps

Max Cruise Speed

Fuel Consumption

150 m / 490 ft

6 m/s / 1200 ft/min

3650 m / 12000 ft

65-83 km/h / 35-45 kt

214-256 km/h TAS / 116-122 kt

16-21 l/hr / 4.2-5.4 gal/hr


Fusion can be equipped with the most suitable engine, based on your purpose of use. While the ULPower is well known for its dynamic performance, the Rotax 912 is widely regarded for its reliability and economic cruising capabilities.




Fusion Business is available with ground adjustable propeller or in-flight adjustable constant speed propeller, based on your choice and engine combination.





As standard, all our aircraft are equipped with a ballistic recovery system to take care of your safety. The parachute pack is situated in the front of the cabin, attached to the cockpit at three points.


Fusion is your best choice for the coming decades, offering low operation costs, and the benefits of fleet discount and leasing options. In addition, company branding can harmonize the interior and exterior to suit the design of your business.

Company Branding Design

We know that your business is your priority, so why not choose an aircraft that is as comfortable and functional as your office, and as reliable and accurate as your colleagues?



The surprisingly wide cockpit is designed to provide you with the perfect blend of safety, comfort and efficiency. Its materials, curves and lines offer you a durable and ergonomic solution for constant and long-term usage.


The panoramic canopy allows you to gaze in all directions and enjoy a beautiful 3D view while your safety is also ensured. The cast acrylic glass conforms to the highest optical standards, with UV-transmission at less than 1%.


Our seat shells are created to provide optimum body support, with the design being based on racing seats. It is interesting how a well-developed seating arrangement can make you feel so comfortable and safe. The hard-wearing and sustainable upholstery will give your back the perfect support over the years.

Ventilation and heating

The ventilation and heating systems guarantee that you will maintain the ideal temperature in any season, at any altitude.

Instrument panel

You can choose from a variety of Instrument Panel options and colors to fit not only your choice of appropriate avionics, but the selected design as well, including optional add-ons for your convenience.

Baggage compartment

The luggage space of 150 liters / 20 kg allows you to carry everything you will need on the journey, or at your destination.

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