FUSION PREMIUM - Magnus Aircraft Zrt. -

What is Fusion Premium?

The perfect blend of 21st century cutting-edge technology and quality
for those who are never satisfied with the average or commonplace.
Our goal is to design an aircraft that is not only for you but about you.

Max Baggage Weight

Max take-off Weight

20 kg/45 lbs

472,5 kg or 600 kg / 992 lb or 1323 lb




Rotax / ULPower

912 IS, ULS / 260 iSA / 350 iSA

100hp – 107hp




Cabin Width

8,33 m / 27.3 ft

6,62 m / 21.7 ft

2,05 m / 6.9 ft

1,17 m / 3.84 ft


Climb Rate

Max operating Altitude

Stall Speed with Flaps

Max Cruise Speed

Fuel Consumption

150 m / 490 ft

6 m/s / 1200 ft/min

3650 m / 12000 ft

65-83 km/h / 35-45 kt

214-256 km/h TAS / 116-122 kt

16-21 l/hr / 4.2-5.4 gal/hr

custom design

A suit is perfect when it is tailored for you. Why not custom fit your aircraft too? We guarantee premium services for your custom-fit aircraft by personal design support from our team, first-class materials, hand-sewn interior fittings, a wide palette of cockpit configurations, and painted or decorative foil exterior designs - all fitting you as perfectly as your tailored suit.



The surprisingly wide cockpit is designed to provide the perfect blend of safety and comfort, with its materials, curves and lines all reflecting your personal style. The choice is up to you, from a variety of materials: carbon, plastic, metal, textile, or the finest selection of leather coverings.


Enjoy gazing at the sky or the land below through the panoramic canopy, which offers the highest possible safety levels. The cast acrylic glass also conforms to the best optical standards, with UV-transmission at less than 1%.


The perfectly fitting seat shells are created to provide optimum body support, based on racing seats from our previous models. Try the results and experience the level of safety and comfort our well-developed seating arrangements have to offer.

Ventilation and heating

With the modern ventilation and heating system you will have the ideal temperature in whatever season or altitude you fly. In every situation, your comfort is guaranteed.

Instrument panel

Choose from a variety of Instrument Panel options and colors that fit not only your choice of avionics but your selected design theme. Follow your personal style and choose from carbon, heavy-duty textiles, or the highest quality leather - or any combination of these - for your uniquely designed avionics board.

Baggage compartment

The luggage space of 150 liters / 20 kg allows you to carry everything you will need on the journey, or at your destination.

performance & safety

The heart of an aircraft must beat as steadily as that of the pilot’s. We offer our aircraft with Rotax 912, as well as ULPower engines. The Rotax 912 is widely known for its reliability and economic cruising capabilities, while the ULPower is well regarded for its dynamic performance. Either way, you will certainly find the best option to fit your flight-style and lifestyle.

We know that ensuring you safety and systems feedback is of vital importance. That is why oil pressure, oil temperature, CHT, EGT, and MAP sensors, as well as electric fuel pump and airbox are base equipment on your Fusion Premium, along with several additional features, such as an auxiliary generator, fuel pressure and fuel flow sensors.



The Fusion Premium is available with a ground adjustable propeller or in-flight adjustable constant speed propeller, based on your engine combination choice.



As standard, all our aircraft are equipped with a ballistic recovery system to take care of your safety. The parachute pack is situated in the front of the cabin, attached to the cockpit at three points.



premium services

A premium aircraft is more than just the quality of materials and craftsmanship, it also comprises the excellence of the care and service which connect you and your aircraft. We support you from the very first step, and continue after handover. You are not only offered dynamic flying, but dynamic financial conditions, full support for certificate management, extensive input from our design team, personal after-sales service fitting your needs and schedules, time-critical parts supply, and many other services.

build your custom plane

To custom-fit your own Fusion 212 Premium, try our configurator!
By finishing the configuration of your Fusion 212 Premium,
you will receive a price-estimate via e-mail.