FUSION PREMIUM - Magnus Aircraft Zrt. - The sky is the limit after a successful test flight! — the story of the first maiden flight

The sky is the limit after a successful test flight! — the story of the first maiden flight

November 25th, 2021

While the event’s implementation had been uncertain until the very last minute, depending on meteorological forecasts, thanks to our specialists’ hard work — and of course, the mercy of the weather — on the 4th of November, our pilot successfully executed the first test flight of the Magnus Fusion 213 model.

The model’s first flight was preceded by great excitement and thorough preparation — since the take-off is the last step of a long and meticulous process on the journey towards our main goal: to acquire the Fusion 213 model’s EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency)’s Light Sport Aeroplane certification.
This latest model that we started designing in 2017 is an improved version of our Fusion 212 type aircraft. From the very beginning, our goal was to create an aircraft that is 100% Hungarian designed and manufactured and meets the requirements of the EASA aptitude guidelines, in all aspects.

As short as the prototype’s 15-minute first flight might seem, it is as significant — since this is one of the most important moments of the lengthy certification process. During the test flight, the aircraft reached an elevation of 4000ft (1200m), where the pilot tested — among many other things — the performance and drivability of the model, followed by the landing approach and finally, the successful landing.
The flight’s comprehensive computer-based evaluation (EFIS: Electronic Flight Instrument System) is still in progress, but we can already confirm that Magnus Aircraft has taken the next step towards one of its most important mid-term goals — the serial production of an aircraft type that is suitable for complex pilot and upset recovery training, on a global scale.