FUSION UL - Magnus Aircraft Zrt. - Magnus Aircraft Zrt. has signed a project implementation contract with Óbuda University

Magnus Aircraft Zrt. has signed a project implementation contract with Óbuda University

May 4th, 2023

The signing of the contract marked the start of the development of an electric-powered touring aircraft to meet market needs, as well as the implementation of joint research and development projects.The eFusion, an environmentally friendly, all-electric, two-seaterlight aircraft, will be Hungary's first type-certified aircraft equipped with a fully electric propulsion system.

The joint work that has just started fits in well with the development plans of our university in the aviation industry, especially in the field of innovation and research and development," emphasized Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács, Rector of Óbuda University, at the signing of the cooperation agreement. As he said, Óbuda University has already made significant efforts to increase engineering competences in line with the requirements of the aviation industry, and has long had aviation competences and training programs, and is also involved in several international projects in this field.  

The eFusion's operating cost per flight hour is a fraction of other training aircraft, and it will fundamentally reform pilot training in addition to aircraft manufacturing. In order to create a new type of aircraft, the university is involved in the design of the so-called propulsion chain (the system that drives the aircraft)," said Prof. Dr. András Molnár, Vice-Rector General. 

The electric aircraft will open up new possibilities for sustainable transport for those who use air transport for short and medium distance journeys. To this end, we are embarking on joint research and development projects," said László Boros, CEO of Magnus Aircraft Zrt. He added: "The full professional competence and support of Óbuda University in this field is important to us. Our company will do everything in its power to ensure the success of the projects, so that the jointly developed aircraft can be brought to the market as soon as possible as a result of the cooperation. Our specialists are involved in the project by designing, assembling and testing the fuselage. We intend to enter the international competition with a development based on a purely Hungarian innovative minds and later with a product," said the CEO.

Following the previously concluded letter of intent, the parties have defined the tasks, responsibilities and financing points in the complete project implementation contract, in addition to the specific objectives.