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Magnus Aircraft Zrt. has signed a cooperative agreement with the University of Pécs on Wednesday morning. The first university of Hungary and the fastly developing aircraft producer factory have agreed to start dual programs that require higher education, as well as to cooperate in such fields as alternative propulsion systems, exterior design, or development of a simulator software.

The agreement was countersigned by László BOROS the CEO of Magnus Aircraft Zrt., József BÓDIS, rector of the University of Pécs, and Zoltán JENEI, chancellor of the University of Pécs. it has been stated on the ceremony, that such connecting points have been discussed during the negotiations prior to the agreement as the launch of goal-oriented dual programs, and realization of projects in research, development, and innovation. Regarding the latter, the realization of developments on possible fields of alternative propulsion systems, increase of the range, and the development of wide range of aircrafts including rescue and patient transport profiles have been of special attention.

The University is to launch the dual programs in September 2018 in cooperation with Magnus Aircraft Zrt. Accordingly, they would jointly train students in materials engineers, mechanical engineers, electric engineers, interior designers, designers and engineers, many of them with aviation specialization. Joint research will be carried out by university and company specialists in key areas such as alternative propulsion systems, efficient electric charging technology, external design ergonomics, interior design, or simulator software development. It was also stated during the event, that they would like to expand the cooperation in the direction of research directions and development content to the further faculties of the University of Pécs.


We are proud to announce, that Fusion 212 has received the Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) Category Airworthiness Certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)!

The owner of the certificate is Magnus Aircraft Inc., the subsidiary of Magnus Aircraft Zrt.

With this, we are now able to supply most countries on the globe with Fusion 212, our innovative two-seater, fully-composite sport and training aircraft. The introduction of the automotive fuel-powered Magnus Fusion 212 marks the beginning of a new chapter in aviation. The composite fuselage, parallel seating arrangement, aerobatic capabilities, and inexpensive operation are qualities that together have never been seen in an aircraft.